For each item j named components doesn't work but uniquely identifying them does

I didn’t know how to title this, more power to you if you think of a better title.

The top yellow rectangle does work, while the bottom red rectangle does not work
One of my screens in my DB is called Start so I know my work is double checked for me

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There’s a ton of missing details here that we would need to be able to help you troubleshoot this. If you want to provide the value of each get property of object block then we could probably figure out why this doesn’t work.

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Wow what a rookie mistake I left out the get object properties of block ugh :man_facepalming:

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From the way you are coding the elements inside the loop and comparing them with the direct assignment, I can see a difference there.

What would be the content of j in the first round?
would it be ROW-Start, or just Start?

In the set Row part you are using j as if it contains Start and if this is true then the get property of object j should fail because it expects ROW-Start as it is mentioned in the blocks above the loop.

The other thing is: the loop block for each item.... will only recognize fully formed lists in JSON. Most of the time you do not have a list but only a JSON collection which will not be identified as a list in the loop block. In such cases you will need the block get object properties.....

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