Bottom tab navigator menu nearly empty

I cannot use the Bottom tab navigator nowadays :

  • there is only a few choices in the Simple mode

  • Advanced mode tab is empty

  • if I try to add a button to the Bottom tab navigator in the Design Menu, it cannot be attached to the “Bottom_Tab_Navigator1”

I saw this topic :
Bottom tab navigator but despite the title talks about bottom tab, the solution is talking about the top tab navigator so it doesn’t solve my pb.

Any help would be appreciated
And by the way thanks for Thunkable X, it’s very cool overall !

Hi there, @dev.mygamebookszijq6!

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Hover to the bottom-most area of your 1st screen in the Navigator, (in simple settings) & fill as required : (these are from StackNavigator, u will see almost same type in BottomTab)

Hope this helps! :smile:

Thanks! :wink:

These screens represent themselves as button in the BottomTab, no need to add a button. :smile:

Thanks for your answers !
I already used this system many months ago and it seemed that it changed a lot in between ?
I watched cautiously the tutorials I found on Thunkable and YouTube but it doesn’t seem to match anymore.

Anyway that’s true that I found some options in the first screen attached to the bottom tab :

but inside the nav bar of the app I can only see the value that I wrote In TabBarLabel, there isn’t any buttons.

In the Blocks part, I found in the screen name references to the Tab Navigator (From {Home} set {Tab Navigation Options} To…
is everything related to the navigator buttons has to be handled here ? Screen by screen ?