Bottom tab navigator does not have advanced setting

When I am using the bottom tab navigator there seem to be no advanced settings.

However, when I put a top tab navigator the settings appear. Why don’t they appear in the bottom? Since it is not there, I am unable to change the height of my tab navigator, which was really important for the app.

Hi @Ana_B apologies for the delay getting back to you.

Thanks for flagging this with us - I’ll pass it on to the team.

What height do you need your navigator to be?

@Ana_B, Please note that the 'TabIndicatorHeight' property in the Top Tab Navigator does not actually adjust the height of the Tab Navigator. It just adjust the hight of the portion of the tab that shows you which tab is currently selected.

As for why the 'TabIndicatorHeight' property exists for the Top Tab Navigator but not the Bottom Tab Navigator, that is a limitation of the third-party library that we use to implement the navigators. My guess is that that library provides different capabilities for top and bottom navigators in order to support a consistent cross-platform look and feel which abides be the Android and iOS standard styles.

I hope this helps.


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I meet the same bug, despite activating the labels and icons in the bottom menu, I can’t seem to see anywhere to edit and display the buttons of this bottom menu.
Could you please investigate ?