[Solved] how to change tab navigator icons

How do I change the height and icon of bottom tab navigator?

Hey @jakepalanca

When you add a screen into a navigator, that screen will then get some new properties.

The one you’re looking for is called ActiveTabIcon

Screenshot 2020-02-27 at 16.51.57

Hope that helps!

thank you!

I have another question that has to with this topic? How do i center the label and icon and change the height of the tab navigator?

Which label are you trying to centre @jakepalanca?

I think the height of the navigator is fixed, are you interested in making it taller or shorter?

Speaking of this being a fixed height. Is there any way to lower where it presents itself? On my app, there is a small white space between the bottom of the navigator bar and the bottom of my screen, wasted screen space. Is this an iOS problem? (i will try to lower my margins today btw, as a fix)

i’m trying to get all my labels closer to the bottom so that the padding in between each is proportional and looks like other nav bars… and trying to make it shorter

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@jakepalanca it’d be worth installing this on your iPhone before you spend too much more time on this.

The best way to get an accurate view of what your app will look like is installed on a device


I don’t see this option on drag and drop interface, please show me how to change the tab navigator icon on drag and drop interface… i just fell in love with it the drag and drop interface…