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Hi All,

My design page has bookmark page and subpage. For subpage i am using simple list component.
i also create favorite page which is has lists from users who create bookmark for last page the he read.
my question is from favourite page how to go to boomark page with certain subpage?. to make you guys understand i leave it some block from both of page.

Bookmark page.



favorite page



I’m not able to read what I assume is Arabic so I’m having a little trouble understanding what you mean by subpage. Is the idea that they can bookmark a page or a subpage? Or are those the same thing?

If I’m a user and I’m reading a page, how do I view a subpage? Is that on the same screen or a different screen as the bookmarked “page”?

my subpage is using simple list. block as below.

so if am do bookmark in page 1 with subpage no 2 for example, how do i go from favorite page to that particular page and subpage. current solution i only can to main page only. below is block from favorite page.

Can you share a link to your project?


here it is the link.

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