Ask about link two list view to

Hi guys . I want link two list views .first one is for the names of books . The other one is for the links of books and the youtube channels . See the video to understand

. Like that cod

. And is there an alternative code for
Open another screen with start value
Screen name. Start value .cause i cant find it .
Thank you

You need to upload clearer screenshots. It’s really hard to see those.

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The code in the screenshot is not from Thunkable.

yes the code if from kodular please post this in kodular community

Yes, you can do it in Thunkable.

You need to create to lists and populate them with correlated items which means item 1 in list 1 is related to item 1 in list 2 and so on.

When the user select an item from list 1 in list viewer, your app should save the index of the item and then read the item of list 2 using the same index saved

For example, if user select item number 7 in list 1 you will read item number 7 in list 2 and use it as URL for the Web Viewer.

mr muneer can you show me the blocks to do it

thank you>> yjats the code

see it clearly

i want to make it in thunkable blocks
whats the formula?

just make a variable startValue

See this sample project

It works from the mobile not from the Web Live Test. I used the PDF Reader instead of the Web Viewer

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so mr if i want open books in pdf reader but in another screen how to do it

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You can save the index into a variable and then navigate to the other screen. The other screen should have blocks in the open event to use the variable in the same way in my example.

Can you apply it on your project
Please to see . Iam pro in kodular but iam new in thunk

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I made it 2 screens.
Copy the file again to see the changes.