Opening menu on every page


I have a drawer navigator with three pages.
But each of those pages has their own subpages.
When I’m on a sub page I would like to have access on the menu.
When I swipe on a sub page it will go too the previous page and then I can access the menu.
Is there a a way to do this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Sharon_S,

that sounds interesting - when you say

am I understanding correctly that you have drawer navigators inside drawer navigators?

No that is not the case.
What I want is to have access from a sub page direct to the drawer navigator.

drawer navigator
page 1 (direct access to navigator)
page 2
page 3

page 1 (direct access to navigator)
subpage 1 (not direct access to navigator)
subpage 1

Create Home button at the bottom of the every page as we see in iphones