Bluetooth and arduino

Hi from Russia. I’m a begginer in thunkable, I want to connect Bluetooth to my app and make it work with arduino uno, how do i do this? i need a list picker like in MIT App Inventor but i don’t know how to do this with ble.
Sorry for my english and thank you.


Unfortunately, I don’t have a Bluetooth module at hand right now, but not every module can work with ble technology. Which one do you use? Somewhere on the Internet, I, like, saw a video tutorial on connecting ESP8266 to iOS, but now I can’t find it.

Did you try to connect everything according to the way it is written in the documentation?

I’m using hc-06. I can’t understand how to make a listpicker with ble devices and connect to them.
(we can communicate in Russian if this is allowed by the forum rules)

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HC-06 does not work on ble and will not work on iOS. The maximum you will be able to connect to Android. For this reason, it is easier to choose classic Thunkable, where there should be no problems connecting it.

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but i can’t use an original thunkable. What should i do?

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Hi @meleshkoivan5002lh96 :wave:

Can you tell us a little more about the type of project that you are building and how your Thunkable app will interact with it?

Who is your intended end-user for your app?


I’m making a robotic platform with a manipulator, the app is needed to control motors and servos.

Thanks! That sounds awesome by the way, but who is your app for? Are you going to be the only user? Or will you be putting your app online so others can control the robot platform too?

i’m the only user of app

Then do you need this particular app to run on both platforms?

I am also in the same position as @meleshkoivan5002lh96 , I am new to Thunkable so don’t have access to Thunkable Classic and My bluetooth device does not support BLE. I have a functioning Android App that I developed on MIT App Inventor using the list picker approach. Is it possible to get access to Thinkable Classic? My end goal is to have an ios version of the Android App I have.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and any advice or guidance will be greatly appreciated.