Blinking Image problem

Hello, so I have my app in which I added a gif which is working perfectly when the countdown isn’t going and changing, how may I prevent it from blinking while the countdown is going down, thank you !

See video

Is this attached to webviewer

No it is just a simple image from a link on internet


Can you post all blocks attached to blinking screen ?

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That’s it that’s the only block

Can’t be there’s a purple block which is definitely there
Can you attach.aia file

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Purple block is just to choose the image to show

Why are you using image for showing .gif file ?
As per thunkable docs I think it’s recommended to use webviewer

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Ok, thanks, the blinking prblem is solved, but now I can’t manage to fit the webviewer to the size I want

You need to see the exact size of your.gif file and set height and width of webviewer to that exact resolution
By resolution I mean 500 by 500 or something like that

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It’s too big, can’t I reduce it in thunkable ? When I put percentages it gets me this ugly black rectangle

What is the resolution that you are getting?

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My gif is width: 675px, height: 1200px

Then set to exact same
Which black rectangle are you getting?

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It is too big for the screen tho, lemme screenshot that

There’s no screenshot attached

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Now I removed borders but the lower one is still visible :confused:

Side blocks that you are using adjust their size …
That is not a ugly block if you navigate through that box you must be able to see your gif
Are you able to see that?

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I can see my gif perfectly, all sizes are ajusted to fill container which is what I use to get everything sized automatically, just that little black line under remaining…But I guess I’ll keep it that way, thanks for your help mate, nice day !

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