BLE - missing a Receive Callback Function on cross plataform

First of all, thank you for adding the Bluetooth_Low_Energy on the Cross plataform.

It works well for IOS and ANDROID, I’ve tested my APP communicating with the MCU ESP32 and I am very happy with the results.
But one thing that is missing is a CALLBACK function for data receive. On my APP I had to create a timer that fires periodically and when it fires I call the receive function. It is not a good practice because I lose some packets. On my Classic APP I use the callback and I’ve never lost a packet.

It would be great if you add this callback function.

Thank you so much.


Hi Pedro,

Where you able to receive data from the ESP32 on iOS?

Yes, I had no problem with it

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So there will be no Callback Function that is sad. How Pedro wrote with a timer is a poor way to do it.