Receive Bluetooth Data every second

Hi all, I am trying to build my first Bluetooth (BLE) app. I think it’s a great feature, thank you for adding it.

I have got my app scanning, connecting and receiving data from an ESP32 device.

Data is currently received after button click. Is it possible to receive this data every second (or at least every few seconds) after the button is pushed once?

How did you get it the first time?
By having the process called by an event (linked with a button press) right?

Now, you put that same data reception logic in a block that is called by a timer firing at regular interval.
You just need to have the button press start the timer.

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Or u msy use “screen opens” block if u want it automatically :blush:
Make sure that u set the “loops” property of timer to ON :wink:


I’d like it to be off automatically, until the button is clicked.

This is what I’ve come up with but still only receiving data once. Any tips?


Figured it out, I just needed to set Timer1 Loops to true

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