BLE class problems

Problems with BLE when working with HM 10! Data is sent normally. It is not possible to read data from ble. Further - there are no events that can be sent: 1 scan - completed, 2 connection - happened, 3 disconnection - happened, 4 transmission of a line - happened (this may not happen), 5 a new message is received in the receive buffer - you need to extract. Polling the BLE input buffer using a timer is not a good solution, as it requires system resources and the message can be lost due to fast information flows. I use the HM-10 modem, it has only one universal characteristic for reading and writing simultaneously. I really hope that this problem will be solved in the near future, as many participants (on the forum) have the same problem.
Next, where can I get the bluetooth client class so that you can determine if the phone’s modem is on?

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really nobody reads messages ?