Bixby Assistant for Android | NEW ASSISTANT APP

My personal assistant app, Bixby Assistant for Android, has been released! It is still in beta. Right now, you can ask it to scan QR codes, your current location, and use Bixby Vision (say “what is this”) More is coming!


You should be original, not a copycat… Samsung’s assistant is Bixby…


will you please send me your background image here?

Not everyone has Bixby. That is why I made this app.

If Samsung spots out your app. they may sue you! It’s a trademark Intellectual property. That mean they are word mark! It is a government registration or you may modify the name like xyz bixby,

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@mannankhanabdul is right. @CrackedVideos, you should be on the safer side. Just change its name mocking “Bixby”

or Maybe BixxBy, BizBy, BixxxBy. just a suggestion

BixxBy - Smart Phone Assistant


I agree, he can’t use a registered name, but in this cases, a company like Samsung will not sue, unless there has been damages to their name or monetary loss, or the infringement made lots of money in favor of the person/company that infringed, which I don’t think is the case here.
If they find out, and feel like spending a minute writing an email to him, they will just notify him that he must cease using the name, or else legal actions will be taken.

In short: Be original! Do something new! Besides you are not going to re create a product like Bixby with Thunkable. Why copy their name?


@CrackedVideos please send your app bixby’s background

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@Abdul_Maajith You can search for them on Freepik


Just search up "blue gradient phone backgrounds

Thank you so much @CrackedVideos and @pavi2410

Is it possible to create a virtual assistant? How could you create one?

yes,It is possible to make “virtual assistant” for that you have to use “voice recognation” and “text to speech” components.:grinning:

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Can the Virtual Assistant do any action?

Yes, Bixby Assistant is a virtual assistant. It can scan barcodes and QR codes, search online, do simple math, and do basic conversations. You can even use my version of Bixby Vison which uses Microsoft’s image api.

Its a good app, but you need to change your name to make it original