Bitcoin vs Job app (not as interesting as it sounds)

I have made, well quite a boring app really, but It’s my first app that took me a while because it takes information from google (it gets the value of bitcoin right this second). While this may be easy for some of you Thunkable pros, it was definitely a challenge for me. My initial intention wasn’t too upload this to the play store, but rather a personal project (I am scared of the web side of apps so thought I’d challenge myself). But I thought “eh why not upload it”. And it does have ads unfortunately, but again it’s my first app on play store so kind of a practise run for me. The design and actual UI may not be the best but I have started app development 3 months ago and have barely any spare time to do it so please keep your suggestions on the light side (tell me any suggestions or mistakes and I’ll happily take them). After I make more apps this one I will probably delete but I just thought I should have atleast one app on my account.

I hope you enjoy! (not that its a particularly fun app :joy:slight_smile:

Here is the app! Bitcoin vs Job

The app just converts the number that a user enters to bitcoin. (Its not perfect sometimes due to rounding)


I think overall you did a nice job, it has a clean interface and does what is says.

I would change the color of the status bar to match the color scheme.

Why not change the textbox to numbers only?

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Thank you very much for your response man! Honestly I was getting worried no one was replying with anything.

And Thank you! I didn’t notice the status bar colour. Will change that right now. I also did not know I could do that with the text box, I just put an if block for anything that is not a number. Appreciate you!

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You’re welcome, I sometimes wish people were more open when critiquing my work.

Another suggestion would be to increase the font size in the textbox.
However you may need to make it wider if you go too big.

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Exactly, I love critics (well the nicer ones that is), because I cant trust my self to critique my work. I know its a small app but I was really excited at the end of it and really wanted to upload. So I kind of did the testing and reviewing part half-heartedly.
Thank you I will be getting started on these improvements.

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This comes up when I push the convert again button :sweat_smile:

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@Nice_kode4, It works for me but I’m in the US.
It looks like a language issue, is your default language Danish?

Yes, That may be the problem :sweat_smile:

Oh damn.
Is there something I need to do to fix this? like change default language?

Thanks for the responses btw.

It could be something to do with the site I get the value from? I get it from google using its url and then I extract the text from the site.
Honestly this took me so long and everything is so jumbled I do not remember exactly what everything does. (I am afraid if i change one thing it will all go bad again). If you have any idea can you please let me know? sorry.

It seems to be a “select list index” block there is making this problem :slight_smile:

If you want, i could take a look at the blocks? If you are not comfortable sharing them here, you could just send me a private message with the blocks :slight_smile:

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here it is… honestly I am struggling to remember what does what

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I have Just downloaded It. Interesting app. Have You ever tried to set the buttons over the adds?

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Thank you!

And do you mean the home button, back button etc? Is that possible?
On my phone the home buttons are built in to the bottom of my phone (not on screen buttons).


Yes, I meant the home Button. I do not know If It is possible.