Sample Apps of Blockchain & Data Privacy can not work

Sample Apps of Blockchain & Data Privacy can not work
( When I use live test, I click button and I can not see anything! Please HELP
me! I have tried many days.

Hi @1115,

Is this issue specifically with the Blockchain app, or is it affecting live testing in general?

Can you try live test another app and let us know please? You might need to update your app.

Also, can you let us know if you are using Android or iOS?


I use apk to setup in my android phone for avoiding LIVETEST doubts, but still no response. The app screen is as shown below:

You can find a full walkthrough for setting up this app in our docs here:

Hope that helps!

I just use your sample program, a word has not changed, the results can not be used!
In addition, I also re-do it with the demonstration video, but the video did not explain clearly at the end, and even did not show results.
Can you run well the sample APP and give me the link?
Many Thanks!

Can you PM me your project link so I can take a closer look at your project settings please?


Please try it.

Sorry @1115, the copy or share link won’t work in this case.

If you PM me your project link (from your browser) I’ll take a look.