Best Language Translator

Hello Lovely Thunkable Users, i want to humbly share my new Language Translator App with you.

Featured Extensions are: Action bar, Sidebar v2(free), NetConnected, Button Addon and Dialogs Extension.
Thanks to @Andres_Cotes @Helios and @Said_Dev for this wonderful Extension tools

Screenshots of translator App Below:

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Really nice, I made one of these but it was a simple one.

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nice app you made there. Some feedback suggestions / feedback from me:

  • I like the overall design
  • it works quite well

but I would change/improve a few things:

  • the translate button (idk how you made it, is it from a plugin?) looks a little weird especially when it is clicked.

  • I recommend to use @Taifun’s Tools extension to change the status bar to the same color but a little darker like material design standard. You can generate the dark color at

  • You should also change the color of the slider toggle to that color because right now you can’t see it

  • I would make all icons the same size and the icons on the navigation bar should only be size 24 according to material design guidelines. the Headline should be size 22.

  • the audio min-length of the click yound should be reduced because now it will not play if you click several times in a row

  • I would remove “Speed” and “Voice” for better visibility and maybe just create a headline above the settings “voice setting:” or “voice:” and also change “Man”, “Woman” and “Child” to “low”, “normal” and “high” because it really doesn’t sound anything like a man or a child, the voice just becomes higher or lower :wink:

  • I would make all screenshot mockups and headings same size because it looks more professional. You could just write “Text to speech” on top and make lines to the 2 buttons :wink:

  • maybe also use another font thats more easy to read

  • for better user experience I would recommend to clear the sample text when when a textbox gets focus because otherwise the cursor is between the sample text. Maybe TaifunTextbox extension might be useful for you as well :wink:

  • these are all just suggestions how you can make a nice app even better – the only thing that I really do not like is the App icon… That is totally not Material style and not state of the art… Maybe try something much simpler or use the Android Asset studio to create a nice modern icon because your app also has a modern clean layout - it does not match :wink:

Keep up the good work :wink:


Thanks for the Feedback @Chris

I want to know what system you used to translate .yandex or which?

Looks great😍

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Thank You!

could you help me
how you made the language swap button?

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Bro could you send the link of this app you made since i am having a lot of problems making a translator app on my own…I know i sent this message 2 years late so, sorry

The link to the app on Google Play is available in the first post.

However, if it’s the aia you want that’s probably unlikely as the developer would have also provided it or mentioned how you can get it.


@shreshtdugar23oct-23 - we have a Tutorial on building a translator built directly into the platform, it’s the second thing we recommend you build:

Here’s the accompanying video: