Bibly - The ultimate Bible app

Hey there! I made an app today. I called it Bibly. Bibly is an amazing Bible Searching app, made possible by various API’s and programmers. Right now it only finds bible passages, but it is still cool.

You can download it here
If you find any bbugs/glitches/whatnots wrong with this please tell me


You could include some screenshots so we have am idea what the app can do and how it looks

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Will do, on the webpage or here?

@Sander0542 Added the screenshots


I’ts really amazing.

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If anyone has any suggestions, please tell me. I will most likely add them.

Great work dear



I have bible app with 19 translations on the AppStore.
There is an Android version too, but sadly with only 4 languages.
Dual Bible is the app name. Developed by my friend.
But then he left the development studio that I founded.

I want to update things there.
He used CoronaLabs to build it.
Now I think it’s better to develop it from the scratch using Thunkable.

Do you think it’s possible to develop Bible app with 19 languages using Thunkable?

Hi there!

Sorry for late reply I have been on Vacation. I believe that almost any app idea is possible with Thunkable. So yes you could make a Multi-language Bible App using the Thunkable App Builder. You might need to host the verses on a MySQL DataBase and connect via GET request. Since that is faster than having the verses in local files. I used GET request’s for my Bible app.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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I have created an extension service where you can add translations and then compile it into a extensions

What extension is that, friend?

Its not an extension. You can check it out at

Oh, do you mean your translation service?
Seen that before.

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how can i download this?

i can’t download.
can u link again?