Bible App made with (App Inventor2)


Hello I created a bible app with App Inventor.
I use a portuguese version of the Bible (Almeida Revista Atualizada) but you can make your own version.
To create the app, you need to download the sqlite data base of the bible version you want. Then convert it into a csv file. I used a firefox sqlite extension for that.
Then work on it with Excel, in order to divide your data base into various csv files. I divided in 4 csv files.
This app is actually a daily devotion app that we use in our church. Only one screen is the bible, I could not take out the others screens. You can go to the screen of the bible by clicking on the set.

Eu falo portuguese caso alguem quer saber outra coisa.
Je parle aussi français, cas ou quelqu’ un a des questions.

PDCD_copy.aia (2.7 MB)


Muy Buen trabajo



I always want to develop Bible app with Thunkable.

Thanks for sharing! :smiley:


Bravo Nathan !




Muito bom, parabéns!!!


Bravo! Thank you very much!


ola, Nathan_P, o seu trabalho é extraodinario. preciso da sua ajuda, Eu quero fazer uma aplicação da Biblia em Crioulo com a app inventor2 mas nao existe o SQLITE database na internet para baixar, eu quero saber se existe uma outra forma de fazer . obrigado


there are several SQLite extensions available, for example this one
for an extensions directory, see also here


hi i tried to open this file but can’t open it.
n e one know how to open it?


i downloaded and connect to app inventor but nothings show up. can u link to download?


n e body has this app source? please provide me!
i am making bible app.
i can download this pdcd_copy.aia
but on the app inventor website i can’t open this source so just give me an hint to make this kind of bible app. please…


I know this is an old page, but I wanted to know what your table looked like. I love what you have done, and I’m making a church app for my church and I wanted to use this Bible, in my app, but Im very confused about the table part.
And how you did it, I’m very confused…

please help?

sorry if I have any Grammar Issues…