Beta-test for Beaconeer™Lite App 100% Thunkable!

Here’s a short video on the test behaviors. There are only four.

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So, the app was so good but I didn’t understand why people use this app? I mean what was the main of it and why can’t they directly send an sms like I am some fever or I need help in an messenger like telegram or whatsapp? I just wanted to know much about this app. I also suggest publish in android too because in many people use android than an iPhone

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Thanks for feedback, Krishna. In response to your question as to why people would use this app, consider the following contexts of living in the United States at this time:

  1. Women who may find themselves feeling at-risk of danger, over the course of their daily interactions.

  2. Men or women who work in storefronts or other places of public contact where unpredictable danger may occur

  3. People traveling at night or alone.

  4. Anyone who has ever felt at-risk and needs a way to quickly and quietly send GPS, an Alert Status, and text details.

The idea for this app arose out of security meeting at our church, during a time when places of worship were experiencing threats of violence and actual attacks.

Whether or not WhatsApp is just as good an alternative was irrelevant to us. We, as two church members and as women, were challenged to create our own app…and we did!

The Android version has been on Google Play since 2018. It has taken us this long to create an iPhone version, and we are very thankful that Thunkable evolved to where we could create a “reasonable” facsimile of the Beaconeer for Android, for iPhones!


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