Thunkable Compatibility with Beacons

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We recently purchased Estimote beacons to use in our school for a Shark Tank inspired project. Students are developing products as well as ad campaigns for their products. When visitors come in our building, we hope that the beacons, which will be positioned around the school, will ping their phones and include visuals and information. Right now we are using MIT’s Tale Blazer app for this, but we’d really like to create our own app. From what I can tell, Thunkable does maps, but it doesn’t seem to include location for beacons–UUID, major, and minor. Is this correct? And if so, is Thunkable planning to expand the capabilities for their tool in order to allow for work with iBeacons?

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hello welcome to the community I hope you can enjoy the content published here and the interaction with other users. I want to know if the elements you are referring to are the same ones that this library uses


Andres Cotes

Hi Andres,
Thanks for the warm welcome and this information. We purchased proximity beacons from Estimote: We just recently turned them into iBeacons and are using them with TaleBlazer. It would be WAY cooler, however, for us to create our own apps using Thunkable. It just appears that the only location option with creating an app in Thunkable is Maps when we need to be able add beacons’ UUIDs, majors, and minors. Just curious if this is even possible before we look into other solutions.

I should also mention that are using iOs devices here.

Thank you!

:frowning: I can only build extensions for android, thunkable thios still do not have extensions I think

Total bummer! Thanks for your help! If we do end up with capability for this in iOs, I have several teachers at my middle school who are game to trying this out with our Estimote beacons!

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