Latest Thunkable ✕ Beta Release (Mar 6) - New Components (Sign In & Media DB) ++


Unfortunately barely any of the new Google Map functions is working… The only thing that worked for me is show my location but all the other settings have no effect…



It’s not even near my location and none of the items like Compass, Toolbar, MyLocationButton,… is appearing on screen (latest Android Companion, Android 8.0, API lv 27).

Edit: even the location is terrible inaccurate… I could be anywhere within 3-4 districts according to this map… there is no accuracy at all even tough GPS is active, working perfect in any other app and Thunkable X companion has access to location services…

Also I think you really need to add an accordion navigation or something similar because at the moment the Advanced section is a never ending scrolling mess…

ps: There is still no way to add a marker on map or work with user location in the blocks, right? :confused:

Thanks for this feedback – yes, we have not yet added the ability to add a marker or work with user location yet. Definitely something we want to add soon.