Beta Dataviewer Layout

I created a new layout for a data viewer with the Beta component. It looks good. I placed a button in it. When I click the button, the block has a “row id” block. I used it to pull info from the db row but it was not working. I popped an alert with the row id and it does not look like a normal row id. it reads “function (n){u||(n=!0,h(I,n))}”

is this a known bug?

There’s no way we can help you troubleshoot a problem in Thunkable without seeing a screenshot of your blocks or a link to your project.

Not much to it. Just trying to find out why the row id does not return a row id.

True. While I think that should work, have you tried displaying the row id in a label instead of an alert?

here it is populating a label

Hello @daniel.c.rauschk96lu
Thanks for sharing this observation,
I’ve checked out this app on the iOS live test and did not have any issues.
Could you please send me a message with the specific project URL and the name of the screen with me so we can investigate it further?

Thank you for sending me the project URL.
Could you please try to connect again the Data source?
Also, please try to use the action when the Label is clicked

I set it up to show me the Row ID when I click the time label. it shows the ID. I also attempted to show the row id with another button and got the same “function…” text. wondering if it is a button within the layout issue.

Yes, please try to replace buttons with labels and then create again the custom DVL