Begginer's help - how to store and retrieve data


I have created a project as per following link:

I am trying to make a simple meeting app to record MoM and later display it as a table after clicking “Past Meeting” button.

This is my very 1st app and today is my 4th day as a Thunker. Hence I might not be able to find an already existing solution. Can any one help me on this - how to store the various fields and then retrieve them on another screen once “Past Meetings” button is clicked.


Hello @shirohin6

Welcome to fam!

Have you seen the Thunkable Docs? This section found in the link below may be a good starting point for deciding which way you want to store and retrieve the data as well as what kind of control you might wish to have over it.

I see that you have the “MoM” variable on screen2. To add items to that list you can use something like: list

Once stored the variables can be accessed from any screen to do with as you please.
Hope this helps you in some way!

Thanks a lot for your help. Will definitely go through docs.


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