A mini history list

how can i make a history list?like i type something on screen 1 and when i press a button i want to see on screen 2 what i wrote and the date and time when that thing was wrote

You can store data in a list as a variable. Insert a new item in the list. You can read the documentation about lists: Lists - Thunkable Docs

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I have created this example to show how you can save notes in a stored variable. This should give you a good start.


and how can i make the list viewer with that text to be on screen 2 for example

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create the same list viewer in the next screen.

i want saved notes to be on screen 2 and add new note button on screen 1

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You can do that by just duplicating the project I shared. You need to try to do it and if you face an issue then please share it and also share what you tried so someone from the community can guide you further.

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