Basic text not using label

Is there a way to add text without it being a label? labels keep formatting the text weirdly, is there no component to just add true text

Do you have an example or screenshot of what you mean by this?

I’m not sure what you mean by “true text.”

True text as, normal text on a page, without it being a label, usually an icon as a T, where i can just type on the page, vs creating it as a label.

Sorry, I’m just not getting it. It sounds simple enough.

You’d think right … even with my basic of telling you.

I also want to ask the same thing.

You are speaking about a textbox or text input ? You can type on and write

I re-read this and it seems like you are describing a Text Input but now I realize that I think what you really want is a cursor in the Design Tab like you would have in Google Docs or Adobe Illustrator, to be able to type directly onto the design. I can see how that would be useful but it doesn’t exist in Thunkable.