Best way to put a text in a page

I want to make a page with a text, like a terms and conditions agreement. Something simple, fixed text.
What is the best way to do it, as there is nothing to write text with spacing, tabs, different fonts, etc.
Should I do it in an image? any suggestions?

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From my knowledge, at this time, theres no way to change font type in thunkable.
You just use containers and labels for every paragraph you need (i didnt reached yet the length limit of the text that can be put in a label as a paragraph shown in a page).
You can get something like:

(this is my app, as an example, you can install, login without account (as visitor), then from main menu using navigation drawer go to “despre aplicatie”/“about the application” to see what im talking about.


I have made a sample app to reformat a paragraph of text and change the color of some words in the paragraph but this will be too much for too little.

Anyway, see the copy of the project

You can find explanation on the app here

I will take a look.

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