Automatically Display Alert in Intervals

Is it possible to display the Alert feature in intervals, let’s say, once per month? I am attempting to generate the alert feature to remind/require users to change/update their login passwords (using Firebase Sign In). I need the alert to enable on its own at certain periods throughout a given block of time. And, as a result, will display something to the effect of “You must change your password. Click confirm.” Building the alert and directing it to a password reset is not an issue. I just need to know if the alert can be generated automatically at certain times or dates.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I recognize I could use the Timer to set intervals, but my understanding is that the Timer would be “reset” every time the app is closed/opened. For example, if I were to open the app, the Timer would trigger its one month (in milliseconds) countdown to display the password reset alert. But, if I were to close the app and reopen, the timer would reset, thus rendering it useless, unless there is a way around this to where the timer stays active even when the app is closed.