Firebase sign in by email

If firebase has been logged in and not logged out, do I need to log in again?

That depends on your use case. If your logging users in and then they completely close out the app. This may require a new login if a login is a required screen to get to other screens. That said, if our user logged into your app and only minimize the app or put it in the background then they will unlikely have to re-login unless you include some kind of timeout criteria. I’ve had apps open for days I believe without any login issues but I could be wrong there. Ultimately it relies on the expiry time of the token you provided when you login to fire base. That’s all handled in the background so maybe somebody from the thunkable team could enlighten us or even provide access to the expiry Duration so that we can directly modify it ourselves


So whenever I start the app, I have to log in to read firebase (rule: log in is required)

Ok. Well, you may want to include a timeout criteria via blocks using the time since 1970. You could make an activity monitor though it would likely be slightly cumbersome to block out if you already have a lot of actions in your app.

The app won’t log out automatically just because an app is placed to background. Keep that in mind. Its just like switching tabs in your browser. Each site has a timeout procedure if they log you out automatically. I think of my bank, for example. They log out after a few minutes of no activity

Food for thought.

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