Auto increment in thunkable

Hi Thunkers,

just to ask about auto increment in thunkable.
due to test my apps the version already reach to 8 and i about to upload for first time in google play store and app store. should i revert to 1 or just let it be as default?

Just leave it. Thd play store requires that each release you publish has a higher version number that the last. In the play console you can specify a release name for your user with version X.

meaning in google play or app store i just declare version 1 even thought my code in thunkable already reach version 8?

Sorry I wasn’t very clear. If you turn off auto increment and you forget to update the value, Google play console will throw an error that the app cannot be upgraded.

I was just fighting with issue today when converting an app to the new beta drag and drop.

in google play store we have to declare which version that we upload right? so my question, if apps is a first time upload must be version 1, but in my thunkable already reach version 8. would be conflict or error?.
for app store i never have experienced to upload before.

The version you enter in the store is independent of the thunkable version

ok i will remain as what is default in thunkable.
thanks man.

can i autoupdate my projects?
or is this something else?

To update your Thunkable apps:

Projects published the the AppStore’s need new versions pushed out manually. This can take a day or more usually.

Projects published as webapps, though updates are manually pushed out by clicking the publish button, can be instantly seen after press the publish button and your users refresh the browser.

At this time we don’t have schedule-able updates or any other auto updating of published apps. Your live preview in the Thunkable companion app should usually be up to date when you make changes in the design or block page.


Do you have any other questions about the app publishing process? Have you had a chance to review the documents that we have available in regard to publishing and incrementing your published apps?

The platform will update the version number automatically.