Asked assistant

Hello support team

I hope you help me

I have a problem but not in the system

My problem is that I live in Iraq

And here we do not have any means of electronic payment, neither Visa nor MasterCard, nor any other method

I want to develop works and programs, but I cannot because I am on the free plan

I ask you, can you help me?

In this field

Paid me a paid plan

I tried a lot of programs, but I did not find a program like your program that is easy to use and beautiful

I hope you give me a paid plan to complete her career and work hard

thank you

And for your efforts


Hey @alifouadhusseins9 :wave:

Welcome to the community!

You can build a huge variety of apps with just the free plan - in fact the majority of our users a build their apps for free

Can you tell us some more details about the specific type of apps you want to build and why you feel you need to start with a PRO subscription? ( This is usually something people build up to, once they’re comfortable with all the features we have to offer)


Hope you give me the paid plan

So that I can publish my applications as web applications and I can download my applications on the computer and share them secondly

I include ads for my programs so that I can pay you for the plan

Because in Iraq there is no electronic payment