Apple login data missed


Why when I login with apple I have not the Given name, Family name and email address set?
Other data (user id, auth. code and identity token) are present.


If it’s not part of their Apple ID it won’t show up. Are you sure a value should be there?

Maybe there is something I did not understand, but using this block and logging in properly with apple profile, I expect to retrieve those info from the labels in the block…

I was trying with my own profile and I have those info in the apple profile… Or I suppose!..

that’s super weird. you should definitely see an email address. either the users real or their masked email address.

happy to try this on my device to see if i get the same results.

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Hello @rusticone
When you go through the Apple Sign In do you select share my email and other data etc?
You can find more information in this video: How to Build User Sign In, Sign Out, and Authentication with Apple in Thunkable - YouTube

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Thankyou! I resolved: first time I accessed without sharing personal data.

EDIT: unfortunately this is not resolved. After first access in where I found all Apple data, by the second access and on, they were not available anymore. Can you please help me resolve this issue? Grazie!!

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