Apple dosen't accept my app that gets stuck on the splash screen

I have, PRO user account more than 1 years .
Now when I published my APP I see thunkable logo ( Made with Thunkable ) is still appearing.
Why ? and apple they rejected my app because they see this splashscreen

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This error message has absolutely nothing to do with the Thunkable logo, just to be clear. That is because your app is not able to be used fully or is not understand fully by the Apple reviewer. If you believe that your app is completely finished and you have tested it and it works for you the best thing that you can do at this point is send the Apple review team a video of you using your app and or a detailed written explanation of how to use the app such that the review team does not feel that the app is incomplete anymore.

This error is often received when things like button clicks do not do anything inside of an app, additionally this is also seen when there are blank pages or missing data in an app. If it doesn’t make sense to use they often call it incomplete.


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