App to calculate the playing time during ice hockey games

Hi everyone,
This is my first message here, for my first app for which I’ve chosen thunkable UI. :slight_smile:
The app I built is to calculate the playing time when an action is done. Let me explain.

My son is a junior hockey player. For every game, the French ice hockey league expects to receive a paper game report (yeah, PAPER report, in 2024 :roll_eyes:) with names of players for each team, every goals, penalties etc.
A period can be 15, 18, 20 or 27, depending on the age of players, the type of game, etc.
Let’s take the example of a game with 3 x 15’ periods.
The clock is a countdown starting from 15’ and goes until 0, for each period.
When a goal is scored, we stop the countdown.
Let’s say a goal is scored at 13’20 of the first period → on the game report, we need to write that at 1’40 (15’ - 13’20) of playing time, a goal was scored.

Now a trickier one: a goal is scored at 12’30 of the second period. As a period was completed already, the playing time is now 15’ + (15’ - 12’30) = 17’30 → we’ll use that number on the game report.

My app is working well.
The user needs to set the duration of a period (15’, 20’, etc.).
Then he will set the number of the period the game is in (first, second or third period).
When a goal or a penalty occurs, he will type the countdown in “Temps au tableau” (sorry for the french).

When taping the Convertion button, the app will:

  • calculate the playing time
  • remind the input of the user just below the result, in parenthesis
  • delete the content of Temps au tableau so that everything is ready for the next action.

Again, the app works well, but I was wondering is someone can advise on the improvements that can be done, on the layout for instance, but also on the way I convert seconds to decimal and vice versa.
I coulnd’t find an easy way to do it, so what I do is that I convert the “second” part of the user input to decimal, make the operation to compute the playing time, and convert back the decimal of the results to second.

Any chance someone can have a look at what I’ve done so I can be advised on the possible improvements?
If any questions please let me know.

Thank you!

Hi @jen.secure13, welcome to Thunkable! :tada:

Great work on your app so far!

Be sure to check out our posts about How to ask Great Questions v2.0 and our Community Guidelines as you get started.

Working with math can be difficult and if your app is working correctly, that is often the most important thing!

Is there something specific about the layout of your app that you do not like? Is it not rendering how you would expect? An example of how you would prefer it to look?

The Community can offer examples or guidance if you have any specifics you are looking to change.

Thank you for your reply @matt_conroy!
I downloaded my app to Android yesterday, and I identified a few things to improve the layout (position of the buttons for instance).
On question maybe: is there a way to center the input in a text input box?

Now I’m wondering how to share the app to my hockey fellows that are on iPhones.
I found the dedicated documentation but I miss some information as I’m not familiar with iOS devices:

  • is the whole process free of charge for an personal use app?
  • I read devices need to be registered, does it mean I need to register all the devices of my friends I want to install the app on?
  • How can all these devices get the app once I registered them?

In one word, if you can summarize for a dummy this process that looks like a mountain to me, that would be super helpful. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!