App store account

Hello everyone. I want to get an app store account. I read the forums and im not sure about that. For getting account do i have to have an iphone or ipad…maybe ıts stupidly…im sorry…by a windows computer can i get an app store account with a gmail account…

You posted on the Thunkable Classic board. Thunkable Classic works only on Android devices, so your comment about having an iPhone or iPad (Apple products that are NOT Android) is confusing.

Hi @murat_Aydin,

I’ve moved your question to #thunkable-cross.

You can find a complete guide to setting up an App Store account in our docs.

Hi there,

You can enroll for an Apple Developer account as long as you have an Apple ID with Two-Factor Authentication turned on. You don’t need to own any specific Apple products.

However, to publish an app, you will need screenshots from 1) an iPhone X, 2) an older iPhone model, and 3) an iPad. See details here.

We are currently putting together a feature for PRO users to deliver a suite of screenshots on all necessary Apple devices for publishing to the App Store! There will be an announcement when this is live :hugs:


Thanks for all answers.
1.For screenshots i should download application ios file to an iphone so i need an iphone.
2. For android i use qr code application for downloading apk files. I know that apple does not allow downloading an ios file from another service so how can i make arrangements.
3. 99$ is big money for me and i dont want to make mistakes.
4. If there is somebody who can help me i can send ios file . Because i make a circuit that runs from telephone. I have an android application. But i dont have iphone application. I can give money.

And last thing. Application is too small 11mb. And i will not need to update frequantly.