Uploading ios app in steps

Now i made my ios app
I made an account in apple developer and i paied 99$ …
I haven’t iphone … i will ask my friend to upload the app … but she is not know any thing about my work … and i must explain what she must do in steps …
I don’t know the steps …:see_no_evil::see_no_evil:
When i searched in youtube i found the developer( he didnt use thunkable) uplaod in mac labtop he upload four files from the labtop to apple site … must l do like him …??
Please tell me how can i explain the way ( in steps) dont give me link of doc … it is not explain anything axcept authintication code
Thank you

For the moment it isn’t possible to upload your app on the appstore, that said, the doc is all you need to understand. If you failed to understand please explain where you don’t understand and we’ll try to help.

Nice day :slight_smile:

@hamasat, are you sure that you’ve read our documentation on publishing to the App Store? It describes much more than just authentication codes. Any suggestions that you can provide on how to improve that document would be greatly appreciated!

Just a heads-up that in order to use our process for publishing you will need to follow the procedure described in IMPORTANT: Two-Factor Authentication & Publishing to iOS App Store on Thunkable Cross Platform ✕ to turn off two-factor authentication for your apple account. We are working hard to change that requirement.


I want to ask some questions
** Can i upload my app by toshiba labtop … i haven’t mac labtop??
** can i upload with iphone mobile … i have android one…

I have now an account in apple developer … and apple ID
What is the next step …??