App size in thunkable x cross platform

hello thunkers

i am a old user of thunakle but after kodular i moved there but now i want to mode to thunkable x and i want to know some things about thunkable x cross platform
suck as
minimum app size for app in thunkable x for android and apple apps
is there any commission in ads
and last
is there in thunkable x all the things available which are in thunkable classic ?

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You can test this by downloading an empty project for yourself, but these are the results I got, which will comfortably work on any modern smartphone

Currently there is a 5% fee to join Thunkable’s AdMob network. This fee includes access to our consultancy services on how to maximise revenues from your apps and how to safely and properly adhere to AdMob guidelines, so while the commission might be more than you’d like, your life time earnings will end up being higher.

A more pertinent questions would be “Does Thunkable X have all the components that I need?”
If you give us an outline of the app you are building then we will happily advise you on how to achieve this with Thunkable



For instance, if you want a canvas object where you can draw a chart, write text and captions, or even find the area that you are touching (the X and Y coordinates), then X does not support that. Even the capability of tracing a single line between a pair of coordinates, or of finding the specific color of a pixel (so that you could read-back an image) is missing in X. X offers some high level functions, but none of the basic ones that would allow you to build you own high level graphics functions.

If you need a webviewer that would run some operations and return a value for the rest of your app to process, then X does not have that either.

Ok thank you

but i m still confused about that thing

If you tell me what part your confused about then I’ll try my best to clarify