App sharing and Collaboration

Hello All,
I have seen a few topics on this, but not really any answers, so I thought I would see if anyone has any new insight. I have a few questions that all revolve around the same topic.

  1. What is the best way to share apps?
  2. (If you have linked your Thunkable account with Google) What happens to your apps if your Google Account is deleted?
  3. If you have Pro and a Google-linked Thunkable account, will your web apps be available if your Google Account is deleted?

Any insight on this would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Not clear to me. What app sharing are you talking about? Can you provide an example?
  2. Thunkable need to use the trust “token” reported by the Google account used to link the sheets. If the account is deleted or the connection to the sheet is revoked then the app will seize to have access to the sheets.
  3. Web apps are a feature of the PRO account and will stop working when the account is deleted or your PRO subscription is expired.

Hope to have cleared your doubts.

Thank you, Muneer once again for your response. In my particular case, I am trying to find the best way for me to pass my app along to the next dev. I am developing an app for my work that takes advantage of Thunkable features such as Google Sheets integration and (hopefully soon) the web app function. My app is an inventory app that I am hoping to send out to my coworkers via a web app. That way, they don’t have to download anything, it stays up to date, and it can be accessed from just about any device with an internet connection.

On that note, the app is linked with my Google Account as that is how I signed up for Thunkable. However, I will be leaving my position early next year, so I am trying to prepare for the easiest handoff of the app. Since I used a work Gmail account, it will be deleted once I leave. Do you have any suggestions on what I might be able to do?

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The best way is to have a business account for the app itself instead of having the app under an employee account.

If the app or business apps have a separate business account then it is just a matter of assignment from one employee to another and the added advantage is that the business will have all the Google sheets for the app under this account instead of under a specific employee.

Once you create this account you need to sign up to Thunkable from the account and start migrating the work done by you to the newly created account.

Whenever you want to maintain the app, you need to login to Thunkable with that account instead of yours.

This way the handover will be smooth and streamlined.

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This. You need to talk to your IT department and have them provide a business Google account. You can ask Thunkable Support if there’s a way to transfer a project on the back end. If not, you may just have to make it temporarily public and remix it in the business account and then set it to private (if it was already private) in both Thunkable accounts.

Perfect, thank you both for your input. I will get going on that. I think this is good information for the public. I think there is a better spot for this comment, but it would be AWESOME if developers could share apps amongst each other and work on the same app at the same time. Personally, I think that could draw in people. IDK if you can mark this as resolved or solved, but my questions are answered.

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I agree!

You can mark one of the posts above as the solution.