How do you guys make thunkable app for others? (like fiverr)

hi. im not sure this kind of topic is proper to upload but,
there are some trade as making an app for others. like for pay
i received those kind of messages but i dont know how.

i mean, make whose account for it? someone who pay’s?
or if i use mine then how can move project finally?

im just curious. please share your experiences or ideas

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You can develop the app under your account and when ready/complete then share it with the party requesting it.

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You would want to develop the app in Thunkable and then provide the .apk or .ipa file with your client. It’s best for legal and other reasons to have the client publish it themselves on the app store(s).


wow i almost forgot. i can ‘share’! thanx

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i think apk file is the clearest way if the customer is not using thunkable. thanx!