App Removed From Google Play - SMS & Call Permissions


My app has recently been removed from Googl Play, with the following note:

Issue: Violation of the Permissions policy

You may only request permissions that are necessary to implement critical features or services currently available in your app. You may not use permissions that give access to user or device data for undisclosed, unimplemented, or disallowed features or purposes. SMS and Call Log Permissions are subject to additional restrictions; in order to use these permissions, you must first receive approval from Google Play.

Our App does not require access to SMS or Calls, but I cannot see any options to remove or identify this functionality in Thunkable.

Can anyone help direct us to how to remove this and allow our app to be entered back into production?


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Hi @David_Rotenberg,

Did you make your app with Classic or X? Can you let us know which components you are using in your app?


Same problem here… :frowning: after uploading a new apk it doesn’t allow me to publish a production release. Does anyone has a solution for this? I also checked the permissions and I don’t see anything Call or SMS related there.

edit: @domhnallohanlon my app is made with Thunkable X and it has airtable, alert, text to speech, location sensor, local storage, timer, webviewer and the google maps component

Do you have an update?

We are working on a fix. It should be out soon!

update: I don’t think this is an issue from thunkable, sorry about that. I figured out what the issue was. I had an internal test version online which still had these permission required. From my point of view this is very strange from google as the internal test version has nothing to do with the production release. So if you experience similar issues check if you have other releases online.

Hi All,

This was built using Thunkable X.

I received feedback through a similar thread. I was told that the issue was resolved on the Thunkable side and that I would have to rebuild and re-upload the APK to the google developer console.

After following these instructions that app does appear on the google play store without any current issues reported back.

Thank you for your help!

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Thanks for updating the community @David_Rotenberg!

To reiterate, this issue was already resolved in X, but you need to publish a new version of your app from X to Google Play in order to get the fix.

@wei is currently working on a fix for this in Classic.

Apologies for the confusion.

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Same issue for X.
Am i only re-publish a new version?

Yes this should work

Também estou com o mesmo problema no clasico

I already removed call log and sms from my apps , but still it is showing. i paid $25 to google play console. but it is going to forfeit money. My adsense account also disapproved before getting approve due to this problem. what can i do? please help.
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Hi @DrAnutosh_Chakrabort,

Take a look at our most recent update and export your app again.

This should resolve the issue you are having.


The application which uses sms permission is subject to voilation which is danger type of permission so


If you’re using the old methods then yes - it will be removed. One of my old apps was removed this morning.

You will need to use the updated methods to bring your app into compliance with the new regulations.

I deleted Call function an re-publish thats OK.

I can’t say for certain without knowing all the components that are in your app - but if that’s the only on that puts your app in violation then yes, simply deleting it will bring you back into compliance.

In the interests of not loosing functionality from your app however, I would recommend that you use the new methods instead.

I have same problem, moreover when I update my apps, seen version code does not taking in thunkable, saying, " is not a legal integer"

that means, i have to make my app again in thunkable x !!!
Can i Upload my aia file in thunkable x? if so how? plz help

New message from Google play
Issue: Violation of the Permissions policy

We only allow apps to access Call Log or SMS data for permitted uses and only to enable the app’s core functionality.

Next steps: Submit your updated app for another review

Please read through the Permissions policy and the permitted uses, and take one of the following actions:

  • Option 1) Remove these permissions from your app’s manifest

If your app does not require access to Call Log or SMS data, remove the specified permissions from your app’s manifest (or migrate to an alternative implementation), then publish an updated version of your app with a higher version code using the standard release process. All active APKs in the release must be free of sensitive permissions on all tracks.

  • Option 2) Submit a Permissions Declaration Form to request approval from Google Play

If your app is a default handler, or you believe your app qualifies for a permitted use, publish an updated version of your app with a higher version code. You’ll be required to complete a Permissions Declaration Form as a step in the release process. Select the appropriate core functionality for your app and fill out the remainder of the form’s required fields. Be sure to select the core functionalities that are appropriate for the app. Google Play will reject apps where the core functionality does not match this declaration or the use is not permitted.

I already re-update my app. You can see my message up.