App rejected, your app contains unauthorized use of copyrighted content

I developed a Music product using api for online music.Google play reject my app due use of unauthorized copyrighted content. Then I appeal to know the exact problem.
and they replied…
email screenshot…

I use some famous music names in my app description also I use some famous artist name in my app description.
Please tell me what might be the problem?

The problem is what you stated above:

Your app contains “music without providing legal proof of permission” and you “use famous music names and famous artist name.”

Just because something exists in an API doesn’t mean it’s your legal right to use it in an app. Do you have permission from the owner of the music to include it in the app? I honestly don’t know a lot about laws relating to streaming music rights so you may need to do some Googling and/or talk to a lawyer or someone who is more familiar with that.

I just use them as search keyword in my app description.
Can you tell that is the exact problem?
or might be?
Removal of those famous artist name and famous music name can solve the problem?

You are doing this without their permission. Either get the required permission and show it to Google or remove them from your app description.

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Let me try

If you have any music in your app that is not your own original work or royalty/copyright free then remove that too.

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there is no music in my app code.
My app code contain only one api link. Rest of the work is mine/original.

Those are my app screenshot,
please there might be a problem?

I don’t work for Google so I don’t know. You’re better off asking them.

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