App parsing error on Andorid

I have created an application with Thunkable Cross-platform.

I was able to test my application on my iPhone, but I was not able to test the application on my Android phone, it keeps saying that there was an error with parsing the application. Is there any way to solve this problem? Or is publishing it on Google Play store will be the fastest way to test it? (my application has a login page(firebase web API)

And can anyone please tell me specific steps to download the application on Android device from my project? I tried both Mac and Window laptop and still did not work. I even tried browsing the project on my phone and downloaded directly but still did not work. The website just skips the whole step of the application being transferred from the computer to the phone.

Blocks? You can use android emulator for PC

Ummm…i dont really understand… how to use the emulator for PC?