App not transfering data to new phone

Hi guys
My Caravan Mate App is ticking along nicely on the stores thanks to Thunkable.

I got a new phone yesterday and completed the smart things transfer from the old android phone to the new android phone.

It seems my Caravan Mate App didnt transfer my data.
Is it built incorrectly?
The App is there but the data is not.

I am using stored variables in the app.

This is the first time i have changed phones since developing, i am concerned about those that have purchased my app losing their data.

Should i have backed up my phone and loaded the backup to the new phone?
Rather than using smart transfer?

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Hi @towball, thanks for reaching out and congrats again on your app!

Can you link the specific app or site you used for transferring data from the old phone to your new one? I’d have to look into this more to see what data is transferred.

In general, cloud variables would be the safest bet for accessing data across devices. You would want to implement some sort of sign-in to save the data for each user but once you did that, then the app would look the same and have the same saved data for each user, regardless of how they are accessing Caravan Mate. Happy to help more with this issue!

Hi Matt
App variables should also go with a transfer to a new phone.

Is your phone a galaxy device. those are the only that will transfer app data with Smart Transfer

Hi Jared

I had a Galaxy S20+ and transferred to a samsumg Z Fold…

Good to know.

I am sure if there was an issue i wiuld have heard.

I think i will read up on cloud variables, but i didnt realky want to go down the path of sign ons.

Tks Jared

So, galaxy to Samsung wouldn’t transfer app data.

Samsung galaxy to samsung z fold no data went across in transfer

That makes me sad.