Copy stored data from one phone to another

Hello again thunkers,

I have yet a new goal which I need some guidance for if possible. I’m trying to send data from one phone to another. To be more specific I have the app on my phone and as I navigate through the app and store information in variables to the cloud I would like someone else to be able to login to the same app and gather the information I saved (with permission). The permission, could be via a code generated? Or scanning my phone via QR label? Etc.

To be even more specific. I am using this app to keep score (digital scorecard) however if someone else wants to continue to keep score I would like to send them the progress made so that they can continue to keep score on their phone.

you could create a directory with a random code. then the user could copy and paste that code into their text
the person who receives it can copy and paste it into the app as the pathway into the directory
(i think)

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