App doesn’t open

Hi, I don’t know why, but now after a few weeks when I try to open my app on my iOS device it crash (I see only “made for free with Thunkable”).
Can you know how to fix it?

Can you provide some more details?

  1. Are you using the classic version of Thunkable or the current version (
  2. Is this happening with a project that you downloaded via email?
  3. Does the project work as a Live Test in the Thunkable Live app?
  4. What happens if you re-download the project?
  5. Is it happening with all of your projects or just one?
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1 x Thunkable
2 yes
3 no
4 I have not try to re download
5 in the Android device it run well

Hmm… it’s very hard to know just from that info. Do you want to share a link to the project so others can help you debug it?

If it works on Android but not on iOS (and not in Thunkable Live) then there may be a timing issue or data access issue at play. Just guessing here because I haven’t seen your project/blocks yet.

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