App development

Can we make a simple CPS checker with the help of a simple unpurchased thunkable!?
And also is it so that the apps which are simple but more useful doesn’t get promoted

What is a CPS checker?

a click-per-second counter?

cause if. so, that’s definitely been done and you’ll find examples here in the forum.

only you can help your app get promoted. doesnt matter how big or small or simple or complex. If you dont market your app, dont hope to get downloads. there’s literally millions of apps in each app store. you are a grain of sand on the beach. but with enough marketing you’ll grow to gain more attention and be more like a shell on the beach. still hard to find but easier than a grain of sand. get users and market and gain traction and you’ll be like a hermitcrab. shell + small little animal, still tiny and on the beach


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