App Crashing ios

the whole screen crashes I’ve separated the blocks into 2 different screens and it continues to happen when i try live testing

Does it work on Android? If you need me to test it on Android I can, and give debug as to why it crashes.

First look at the blocks looks ok.

I don’t have an android device but it’d be much appreciated if you could test it for me
How can i send you a link to my app

In X you have the SHARE button to get a link

Generate the link and send it on to me, and I will test it.

Im having issues with right angle triangles and the right angles triangle angles page which is the first 2 buttons on the home screen


I have it loaded and not crashing. Can you tell me what to click to recreate your crash in iOS.

There are some UX things I can chat about later. Lets get things working as intended first.

To create the crash click the primary trig ratio button fill it out and when you click submit is when it takes me to the thunkable screen where my previous projects are

Can you tell me more about the UX things

I cannot get the app to crash, however it will not respond to submits. I took a look at the blocks and it looks like you a variety of different on Click block chunks. Best only to have one, and then use Procedures that can be called with if then and else. You can add else if with this button here. Create one clean unified simple logic to process the actions.


where are there procedure blocks?

The Function blocks can be used as procedures in X. You are using them.

At the end of the day I think the problem is the multiple button click event handlers you have. You should only have one. The logic you need is all else if,

Redesign a new single Submit button response.

Let me know if you need help. I will be checking this periodically over the next few hours.

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Im now having issues with the step 3 and return value blocks it when it navigates to answer page step 1 and 2 show but not other 2

I’ve tried using functions but i’m still facing this issue

Now that looks soo much cleaner. Let me try it later tonight.

Good use of Functions.