App crashing because of slider

If I use blocks to change the value of the slider (attached pictures) the app crashes. It does not matter at which event I run the block. Once the block is run at runtime it crashes. It also does not matter which value I try to change:



Yes, this is a known issue when running the application on Android.

Any idea when it is solved or is there a workaround? (@actech and others)

I do not know when this problem will be solved and I can only voice these options:

  1. Do not use the slider
  2. Use the html slider
  3. Use Thunkable Classic for Android

This should have been fixed last week. Please let me know if you are still having problems.
@Denis @actech


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Hi Arun,

I installed Thunkable Live X (version 44) on BlueStackes Android 7.1.

I open the srcCheckBugs screen in the project

Moving the Slider causes the images to flicker on the screen
scrolling WebViewer - working
Column.justifyContent = space-evenly - app crash
Timer.setIntervalMilliseconds - app crash
Slider.setValue - app crash
Map.setLongitude / setLatitude - app crash

Screen “Sprite map” - Column.overflow = hidden - does not work


Same problems running the app on an Android smartphone with Android 7.

Some weeks ago thnunkable x on Android worked better. Now many apps (especially with webviewer) crash.
Worst is, when app crashes on start. Then there is nearly no possibility to restart thunkable live (because you have no chance to shake…)

Sorry to hear about you problems with ✕ on Android. In our testing version 44 improved stability, especially with the Web Viewer component. We’ll take a look at @actech’s srcCheckBugs project and will try to improve things.

BTW, when you are having trouble re-starting Thunkable Live because it dies at the start of the app, one workaround is to switch to a different, working, project in your browser and click the “Live Test” button before you start Thunkable Live. That should reset things.


Thanks, Alex. We’ll take a look at that srcCheckBugs project.


Alex, is there any chance that you can create simpler projects that show each of the bugs that you cited?




Today I do not see an application crashing on Android in Thunkable Live X when using Timer, Slider and Map, as I wrote yesterday. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I made a small change in the project and it was updated. I will place simple projects with errors in the repository.