App Crashes when try to open screen

I really hope the pictures uploaded successfully or this will make much less sense!

Trying to do a simple app, part of working it out, I started off with a page for my self where I can tweak variables, the idea being to see how these change the outputs. However, when I launch my app on my phone and navigate to this screen it crashes every time before the page even opens.

The screen is just a couple sliders and 1 button. When the button is pushed it takes all these values and saves them to the local storage under certain keys (which I assume is like a variable). As you can see, I’ve tried rearranging the code in two different ways and both cause it to crash every time.

Any suggestions much appreciated :grinning:


If you give me a link to your project, then the problem will show up. Is the application crashing on iOS or Android?

In your project, a large number of identical blocks are used. They can be significantly reduced with the use of functions. The smaller the blocks, the easier it is to work with them and find errors.

Crashing on Android, below is a link. I’ll certainly have to look into functions and stuff to make things more efficient, but I think phone should be able to handle this - right? Appreciate any help!

Error message: “Error while updating property ‘justifyContent’ in shadow node of type: RCTView”

The crash is caused on Screen.Setup by setting the Column.justifyContent = space-evenly value. Use space-around.

Thanks so much for looking into this!

Just curious, do you know why space-evenly doesn’t work?

Unfortunately, I can not say the reason, but I think that the developers will correct this point.

ok - well, thanks again