"App Clips" for IOS: how do this with Thunkable?

Hi dudes.
Is there a provision for the inclusion of component “App Clips” for IOS in Thunkable? If not, how to implement this? More infos in App Clips - Apple Developer


Hey @jefmor,

We don’t have any immediate plans to add support for App Clips.

How would you envisage using them with your apps and would they make life easier for your users?

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Tks @domhnallohanlon. You always cordial and attentive. So… After the user downloads a free version of my app, the Clip would be used to “unlock” the full version of the app by purchasing directly from the Apple Store with just 1 click. These in-app purchases are very advantageous for speed, security and practicality. Increases profitability for developers. And it certainly increases the impact of Thunkable. What do you mean?