API Service's issue

Hi Thunkable Friends ,

Can any one explain POST API SERVICE REQUEST . Some API's not working .

Thanks and Regards
Umamaheswarareddy .

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The web API component has more than one option as seen in the image

You need to select the option that is required by the service you intend to use and supply necessary details.

For more explanation you need to give details of what you are trying to do.

Hi muneer sir , Thanks for the response . Some post api services are not working . Can please explain one post api service with example. Thanks .

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This is a general explanation and can be used as general guideline.

Every API has a strict and definite requirement that has to be meet to get the result from it. The example here is to obtain a signature string required by another API

This is a POST API that would take the inputs supplied and use it to generate an outcome which is an encrypted key.

It is hard to say anything else because every API is different.

Hi muneer sir , Thanks for the response.

Hi Friends , I am getting this error “NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource” when post api service calling . Can any one explain , what is this error .

Are you using Android or iOS? I had the same issue on Android but on IOS it worked as expected.

Hi skulamester , I am checking running code thunkable website . Thanks for the response .

Can you test on a device to see if that makes a difference?

Do you have any blocks for error handling in your project? For example, what status is being returned?

Finally, what API are you trying to connect to? Are you able to connect with something like Postman?

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Hi domhnallohanlon , I am also new to this thunkable , But it will run block by block it run .

Is it working for you now?

Hi , can you send , which error your getting . If i now that error , I will help you. Thanks

Hi skulamester , Why android device getting this error , any idea . Thanks .

I’m very confused by your posting @maheshrdd7j4vo - we’re not seeing any errors.

You need to include screenshots of your blocks, some details of the API you are trying to connect to and, yes, any errors that you are seeing otherwise we can’t really do anything to help you here.


Thanks for the response. .

Hi friends , I am getting status 401 , when calling api service . any idea about 401 status . Thanks

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Authorization issues. Either for access to the site in general or the access to service.

With the little information you provide it is very difficult to help

May be authentication issue. Thanks for the response

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